Wastewater treatment

Vacuum evaporators:

Effective and reliable processing of industrial waste waters. Saving of the costs and protection of the environment at the same time.


Steel tanks and constructions:

Steel and stainless steel products to last a lifetime. From design consultation and engineering to tank fabrication and installation.

Steel tanks and units

Turnkey solutions:

Customer – friendly solutions, reliable treatment systems, cost effective and professional. Our long term experience - a benefit for our customers

Projects, custom made solutions

Why AWT?

Complex solutions done by professionals

Modern philosophy of technology design

Interesting price policy

Latest projects:

  • Vacuum Evaporation unit EVA 25G: Unit capable of processing highly corrosive industrial waste water

    At the end of July 2015 AWT completed construction of a specially designed evaporation unit for a client in Finland – Turun Kovakromi Oy. The unit (EVA 25G) with capacity of 25 l/h treats highly corrosive waste water from chrome plating plant containing high concentration of acids (chromic, hydrochloric and sulfuric) and chromium. Treated water conforms to the stringent environmental regulations and complies with limits for acceptable discharge concentration of CrVI and total chromium.

  • In December 2014, AWT completed another project

    In Decemeber 2014, AWT completed another project - delivery and installation of decanter for a Soda plant in Poland. The decanter was 25 m in diameter and more than 18 m high. The project was succesfuly handed over into use to the final client.

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