About us

AWT –highly Professional and flexible company working on a European/world market, started as a division of chemical waste water treatment in a company focused on treatment of industrial waste waters as well as sewage water treatment.

Philosophy – focused on customer and his requirements in a given industry, emphasis on detail, search for new technologies, resulting in dynamic connection of ecological solutions, advanced Technologies and optimal costs.

Strategy – thanks to experience gained during operation of own WWTPs and own know-how, to create technologies that are able to eliminate pollution, reduce waste, recycle water and waste and minimize impact on environment.

Sustainability – manufacturing with high quality materials, respecting ecology of solutions, supporting easy operation and monitoring of costs while delivering correct solution that meets required parameters. 

People – educated and experienced professionals, having in mind the company philosophy.


Waste water treatment process technologies offer

Made to measure technological proposal, in compliance with valid legislation

Turn key projects

Delivery of complete technological units

Minimizing of costs with modern technologies

Re-use of treated water

Ecology friendly technologies

Modernisation of technology after years of operations, which will not only improve the performance, but also decrease the impact on environment

Maintenance of technology throughout its whole function life, based on service agreement

Financial services in a form of re-financing of project based on agreed pattern

In 2013 AWT became an exclusive distributor of sludge dryers by a Swiss manufacturer Watropur for Slovakia and Czech republic.

Watropur designs, manufactures and maintains sludge dryer for filter cake sludge, slurry and sewage sludge from industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Since 2012, AWT is represented in Spain, Mexico, United States of America and Puerto Rico by a company Condorchem Envitech. Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering firm providing water, effluent and air emissions treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial activities

Being represented by Condorchem improved the ability of AWT to enter other markets.

How we helped our customers

  • BIA SK

    Thanks to AWT technology with a closed cycle, our client is able to use hexavalent chrome in their production line.

  • SAPA Profily

    Designing the technology for Sapa Profily allowed our client to build a new line for anodic oxidation, where very strict parameters had to be kept in terms of environmental protection.