Vacuum Evaporators offer progressive and safe method of industrial waste water treatment in a form of evaporation, which is possible to use for processing and reduction of the volume of the waste waters and for production of highly quality water. Vacuum Evaporator may be used in all different types of industry thanks to its robust design and resistance against fluctuations in quality of waste water. Vacuum evaporation is a method used to decrease the costs on waste disposal and achieve a high degree of treatment efficiency, hence ecology and economy in a unique harmony.


Steel tanks and constructions: delivery and assembly of steel tanks, reactors, clarifiers, decanters and constructions. Based on specific requirements from the client, AWT prepares an engineering documentation, delivery and assembly of steel tanks of different sizes and for different types of industry, using quality materials, all over the world.


Turnkey solutions provide design and delivery of complete technological units for the waste water treatment plants in different types of industry. When selecting the waste water treatment methods, we focus mainly on: process efficiency, energy saving, optimalization of investment and operation costs and operation reliability. The aim is to use new and advanced waste water treatment technologies to reach a maximum effect.